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How to Use a Graco Paint Sprayer for Exterior Painting

The Graco paint sprayer is an airless paint sprayer for thick paint used for both interior and exterior painting. Using the Graco sprayer is not different from most other sprayers, but it offers more professional assistance through its design. Painting the exterior of any building is different from painting the interior. Perhaps your paint sprayer for the exterior will require more paint volume, higher pressure, and a larger surface to handle. For this reason, you need to go beyond choosing the best paint sprayer for walls and ceilings but find a sprayer for exterior painting.

Choose the Right Spray Tip

The first step you should take is to choose the right tip. Make sure the tip hole size does not extend beyond maximum sprayer capacity. If you are using paints from different containers, make sure you mix them in a 5-gallon empty container to maintain consistent color. Different tips sizes match different viscosities of paints; you may have to try different tips to get the right one. You may want to test the tips by spraying on a flat surface before beginning the proper painting. The ideal paint sprayer for exterior walls should be easy on your wrist when handling it.

Work from Top to Bottom

Some expert painters will advise that you commence spraying from left to right and others say it's better to work your way from the top to the bottom. You must pay attention to the eaves and the undersides of any overhang while painting. In some cases, the direction of your painting will depend on the construction of the material being painted. It would be best to spray those exposed trusses, wood beams, and boards by aiming the spray in a lengthwise direction. From top paint sprayer reviews, experts recommend that you overlap your spray by 50% only; that is, you can overspray an already sprayed area by as much as 50% to ensure adequate paint coverage.

Follow a Professional Spray Pattern

Experts recommend that you should spray the eaves and hanging first, then proceed to the exterior walls, then focus on cut-ins around the windows and doors first before you spray the remaining flat regions. Keep in mind you have to overlap the painted area by 50%. It is better to find an indoor outdoor paint sprayer instead of an exterior sprayer only if you have to do some indoor painting later.

Perform a Cleanup After Painting

It would be best if you allowed the paint to dry up after a few hours before removing the paper cover on the surface of your trims. Remove call coverings, including plasters and tapes from door and window trips. Replace all removed items such as house numberings and shutters. Follow the paint sprayer manual to clean your sprayer, then return other items such as grills, furniture, and appliances to their places after cleaning. It is also essential to follow the sprayer's manual and guide on cleaning. Check out the best household paint sprayer guide by professional painters on Laser Level Hub.

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