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Best Laser Level for The Money Under $70 - SKIL 50ft. Cross Line Laser Level

Are you looking for a compact leveling tool with a tight budget? Well, this Skil device can help you with that. You can use it for aligning pictures on the wall, or for the alignment of shelves or cabinets, or to install banisters. This Skil laser line level is a perfectly adequate tool and the best laser level for the money for a home handyman.

Its bright horizontal and vertical lines have a laser distance of up to 50 ft. The tool automatically levels and intuitive indicators to let you know if your lines aren't leveled. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging port, making it easier for you to keep the device with you while working. If you’re wondering ‘what is the best laser level?’, you might want to have a look at its features!

Comes with an Attached Clamp

It comes with an attached clamp which is present either on the top or the bottom of the product. It is helpful for the easy positioning of the tool on a ladder, table, or anywhere required. Its convenient size makes it a compact and useful pocket laser level. However, if you have a camera tripod, that may be more reliable, and the device would work best on it.

Brightness Level

The laser level itself works very well and is really bright! Even if you increase the distance, the laser still works well. It is certainly adequate for a 12’ x 15’ room. At longer distances (about 45 feet), you can still view it, although, in bright sunlight, it might fade.

Self-Leveling Ability

If you have multiple items to level along one line, the self-leveling ability of this device can be very helpful. Unlike its competitors, this feature here works well and is accurate, making it the best laser level for homeowner. You can rely on it to a great extent and make your things aligned in a fine way.

Rechargeable Battery:

The Skil laser line level comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It can be charged with a regular charging cable. You can easily charge it and use it for a long time. Its USB port is convenient and easy to use for charging purposes.


You might have to face problems with the device whenever you start it again because it requires it to be adjusted every time. The clamp attached to the device is not super dependable too. It is because the level is too heavy for the swivel. No matter how much you tighten it, it will move. You can consider it as a good device for small tasks but not for professional and large-scale leveling.


Accuracy up to 50ft

Automatic Laser Level

Different measuring features

The integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with a convenient micro-USB charging port.


Single slide switch that both locks the Pendulum and turns power off

Loses focus point

Useless Clamp


The unit itself is sturdy and accurate; however, the ease of use lacks. Still, it is the best cross line laser level you can get in this price range. You basically need to walk around the room and find something at the correct height to attach it or to place it to work. Overall, this device is great for in-home uses. With the charging, size, and portability feature, it is the most accurate laser level.


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